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miko no kikyou_____a kikyou community

Miko Kikyou: A Kikyou community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Here's one of the few Kikyou communities, where you can talk about Kikyou, advertise Kikyou related things, everything. If you bash Kikyou in this community, you'll not only get banned, but look like an immature asshole! YAY!

Community Rules
1. You must be a Kikyou fan.
2. No major character bashing. You can voice your opinions, but dont go on an essay rant.
3. I'd appreciate it if you advertised this place a bit; but its okay if you dont.
4. NO RPING, kthanx.
5. No hentai. Not even under an LJ cut.

Have funnn.